Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Good to Me

I was just reading a post on another blog at http://stillmemory.ca/braindump/ by a woman who sounds very similar to me - wants to lose weight, berates herself for not succeeding and for bingeing, etc. It was so sad, because this woman looks beautiful in her picture, and everything she said just reminded me of myself. It was a real eye opener. How often do negative thoughts run through my head? And I just let them. But when someone else talks the same way about themselves, I want to wrap them in a big hug and tell them it's not true... That's pretty much what my husband does to me whenever I get into one of my funks. Which is where I've been for the past couple of months... Luckily, I've done well with Weight Watchers yesterday and today so far, and I had a great karate class today, so I'm feeling good about myself. I know that I always feel better, emotionally as well as physically, when I exercise and eat well. So WHY is it so dang hard to keep doing it?

I'm still not finished with my Knitting Olympics project! SIGH! I can't decide if I should go see a movie tonight (I haven't done that in ages) or if I should stay home and try to finish the project. I guess I should stay home. But will I? I also have to figure out how to get some more photos on this blog, and some more interesting things. It's pretty dull at this point.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Photo of Me

Here's a photo of me - no makeup, on a Sunday morning while I'm doing my series of puzzles (Sudoku, cryptoquip, and two crosswords - New York Times and another one). In other words, I wasn't planning on having my photo taken! Posted by Picasa

How I'm Doing Today

So far I'm o.k. with WW today. Of course, my difficult time doesn't usually come until later in the afternoon when I pick up the kids from school. I vow to not eat outside of my plan today, though! I do the Flex (or points) plan online. I just don't have time right now to go to meetings, and the online system is pretty simple.

Tonight I'm going to karate class - sparring - not my favorite, but I have to go in order to get my black belt. At least it's really good exercise. I take classes at National Karate (http://www.nationalkarate.com) in St. Paul, Minnesota. I highly recommend karate to everyone. The most amazing thing to me is how good my balance is now compared to what it was before I started taking classes 3 1/2 years ago.

No knitting yet today, although I did sew a few ends in on my Knitting Olympics sweater while the kids were at the orthodontist this morning.

A New Me

This is my first blog, so please be patient. Right now I have two main things I want to disucss in this blog -- this may change! The first is knitting and the second is personal fitness.

I am an avid knitter. I've been working on a project for the Knitting Olympics. I got all of the knitting and sewing up done before the Closing Ceremonies were over last night, but I still have the trim to do - crochet - not my strong suit! I hope to finish the project today, and I'll post a photo as soon as I can.

The personal fitness area is the difficult one right now. Back in September 2005 I joined Weight Watchers (WW) to lose 50 lbs. I still can't believe I needed to lose 50 lbs. I had lots of success at first, so by the end of December I had lost 27 lbs. But due to some very stressful times, I turned to food to cope, and now I've gained 11 lbs. back. I'm recommitting today though, and I'm hoping that blogging about it will give me an added incentive to continue... I also think of exercise as part of my fitness. I currently do karate 3-4 times per week (I'm a brown belt with a black stripe), and I power walk several times each week.

More later...