Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photo of 3 Kittens Needle Arts

Here's a photo of the outside of my store. The landlord painted the outside a red to match the red portion of our new logo and signage. It looks pretty sharp, I think.

I've lost my little digital camera, so until I can get another one or borrow one, photos off of my cell-phone may have to suffice!

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Crazy Month

Well, it's been a month or more since I posted - and it's been absolutely crazy. The yarn store, Three Kittens Needle Arts, has taken up much more of my time than I ever expected it would. My wonderful partners, Julie & Cis, have completely rearranged the store, and we have had a couple of events in the past month to promote the new ownership and try to clear out some of the old stock that we don't really want any more. By the way, our Fall into Winter Sale is going on until the end of November if anyone wants to stop in!... I've been busy trying to computerize the accounting and processes. The previous owner did everything by hand, and it has taken a huge amount of time to just get the customer lists and yarn and threads price lists into my accounting software. I haven't even started on the needlepoint canvasses, books, patterns, and gift items. I was hoping to get a POS system in right after the purchase to automate the sales process (rather than use hand-written sales slips), but it looks like the soonest we will be able to do that is after the holiday rush... I haven't finished the books for October yet, but I think we met our projections, so I'm pretty happy.

Not much knitting going on right now, although I did finish knitting & felting a Fiber Trends Hedgehog. It's drying right now, but I'm not really happy with it - the "fur" isn't thick enough. I'll try another one with a different brand of eyelash yarn that is thicker - or I'll double the eyelash yarn I was using (sorry, don't have the name in front of me). The first "prototype" is always experimental anyway. I think they'll make cute Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews - if I have time to make them! Fiber Trends has some other really cute felted animals, so I might have to try them as well.