Saturday, May 26, 2007

One of My Many Projects

Here's a photo of one of my hundreds (o.k., it's probably only in the tens) of projects:

This is a Kaleidoscope Tote pre-felting. As you can see, I have a long way to go - one more side, the rest of the front, the back and the handles. And, it all has to be done by Wednesday! EEK! But, I can do it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The only excuse I have for not posting in so long is that I've been busy working on various projects - none of which are complete yet! SIGH! This past weekend, I went on a private train ride from St. Paul, MN to Rock Island, IL. It was a dream! I knit and crocheted the whole way there and back. Here's a photo of me crocheting away:

I was working on a sweater from The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller in to-die-for Louisa Harding Grace (silk & wool). It's so yummy to work with!

I would also show you a picture of the 'shawl jacket' I'm doing out of Colinette Tao Silk and Parisienne (a mohair blend), but my DH apparently took the memory card from my camera to work. I worked on it for most of the trip - more than the crocheted sweater. I have a deadline for it - June 9 for my sister's wedding in San Antonio, TX.

Besides those two projects, here's what I'm working on:

  • A Kaleidoscope Tote in Manos (deadline of June 1 so I can carry it around at The National Needlearts Association market in Columbus)
  • An Einstein Coat from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch for the 3 Kittens Knit-Along
  • A Kathy Schenkel needlepoint mini-stocking for my sister-in-law for Christmas
  • The Curtis sweater from a Berocco crochet booklet (which I am waiting for the errata on; Berocco has sent me the designer's hand drawn charts, but I'm not adept enough at crochet to be able to figure that out)
  • The Sunrise Circle Jacket - just needs to be assembled
  • Crocheted socks from
  • ? I'm sure there's more, but I just can't remember right now

So, I have been busy - just not posting!